Hello, my name is Orty Ortwein and this is my bookmobile blog! I just find bookmobiles really fascinating, and if you’re here, then so do you. I hope to update every week, with a new factual tale every time. Of course, I’ll keep you posted. Look around and let me know what you think! (Many thanks to the Bethlehem Public Library of Delmar, NY, for letting me use their photo in the banner).

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The Garbage Bookmobile

I thought this was way cool. Some Turkish garbagemen, after taking books found in the trash, eventually turned a garbage truck into a bookmobile. Pictures are below. Then click here to read the article.


Tukrey 2

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The Electric Bookmobile

This is so cool! An electric bookmobile!








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The Kabul Bookmobile

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The bookmobile that delivers produce

5b21923f92e37_image.jpgThe library in Rochester Minnesota has a unique approach. First, they let children grow a garden with a partnership through the library. Second, the produce they grow is distributed via the bookmobile. They also have an “art cart” that they let kids use.

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Design a Bookmobile

Thought this was cool (see link)

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Another Book Store on Wheels

Anne Patchett, writer of Bel Canto and other acclaimed novels, has fullfilled her life-long dream of owning a bookstore. Parnassus, in Nashville, TN, has a mobile unit. She bought an old bookmobile on ebay and now uses to bring her wares throughout the city. See more below.bookmobile-sevier-park

Parnassus on Wheels: Nashville’s Bookmobile Hits the Road

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I’m famous!

Check out this write-up of me in the paper!

















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