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The Book Caravan; The First of the Business Bookmobiles

The Book Caravan comes to town. Courtesy of The Horn Book, Inc. In 1920 one of the first – and still one of the only – traveling bookshops took to the road; the Book Caravan. The Caravan was a traveling branch … Continue reading

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“Perhaps there’s a clue to be found in that bookmobile!”

Batman and Robin find a hostage in the Bookworm’s traveling lair. The 1960s was the peak decade for bookmobiles. Perhaps nothing proved they had gone completely mainstream as much as when one made a guest appearance on Batman. On the … Continue reading

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Presidio Bookmobile, the Soldier’s Friend

During World War Two, The Ninth Service Command Library Depot operated two bookmobiles that brought volumes to men stationed in isolated regions of the Pacific Coast. These bookmobiles, known as “mechanized library units” or “mobilibraries”, served 75 detachments located up and down … Continue reading

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H.W. Wilson Introduces the Bookmobile to America

H.W. Wilson’s bookmobile. The names of the six companies that sponsored its trip across America are written on the side. Most of these organizations still exist. The first generation of bookmobiles that ran  during The Great War and through the … Continue reading

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Before the Automobile: The First Mobile Libraries

The perambulating library of Warrington. While a couple of my earlier posts dealt with the first bookmobiles, they were not the first example of library books being brought to people by use of a vehicle. The first recorded example of … Continue reading

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