“Perhaps there’s a clue to be found in that bookmobile!”


Batman and Robin find a hostage in the Bookworm’s traveling lair.

The 1960s was the peak decade for bookmobiles. Perhaps nothing proved they had gone completely mainstream as much as when one made a guest appearance on Batman.
On the episode The Bookworm Turns, Batman squares off against one of his more intellectual opponents, The Bookworm. Played by none other than Roddy Mcdowall, The Bookworm quotes literature while throwing around exploding Hemingway novels, gassing people with special trick history books, and attempting to steam the Dynamic Duo inside of a giant cookbook (don’t ask). Naturally he and his bespectacled henchmen drive around in a bookmobile, though they later commandeer the Batmobile to rob a library that amazingly has seven Gutenberg bibles and eleven Shakespeare first folios.
While not likely to appear in any upcoming Christopher Nolan sequels, The Bookworm is a villain any bibliophile can identify with. Who among us at some time or another hasn’t wanted a hat equipped with a reading lamp?


The infamous Bookworm, played by Roddy Mcdowall.

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