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The Floating Library of Southeast Alaska

A couple of Alaskan children walk the plank from the Anna Jackman. In 1972 Presbyterian missioners Zelma and Lawrence Doig used their craft, the M.V. Anna Jackman, to deliver library books to the roughly 8,000 people living in southeastern Alaska’s … Continue reading

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Kenosha and the Last of the Big Rigs

Kenosha’s “RIG”, seen here when just-purchased in 1987, ran until 2004 and represented the end of an era. Photo, Kenosha News. In the 60s and 70s, it wasn’t uncommon for a bookmobile to be a 40-foot-long, 18-wheeler tractor-trailer. Increased regulations in … Continue reading

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Happy National Bookmobile Day

Hey all! April 16th is National Bookmobile Day. Attempts to make this a legal holiday have not come through. In the meantime, enjoy this clip of bookmobiles on parade. Every year the American Library Association, there is a parade of … Continue reading

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The Free Wheeler of Philadelphia

In 1971 the Free Library of Philadelphia  launched the “Free Wheeler.” This small van provided “on-the-street library service” in the local Model Cities Area projects. The staff parked at street corners, set up an umbrella, and lent out paperbacks to … Continue reading

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The Cybermobile of the Catskills

Starting in January of 2001, the Four County Library System, headquartered in Vestal, NY, began sending out “The Cybermobile”. While not the first to provide library patrons with internet access, this bookmobile was the first in America to do so … Continue reading

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