The Floating Library of Southeast Alaska


A couple of Alaskan children walk the plank from the Anna Jackman.

In 1972 Presbyterian missioners Zelma and Lawrence Doig used their craft, the M.V. Anna Jackman, to deliver library books to the roughly 8,000 people living in southeastern Alaska’s remote coves and bays. Zelma Doig, a former librarian, worked at the behest of the Alaska State Library, which was looking for new ways to promote its services. The boat carried about 400 books, along with some cassettes and battery-operated tape-players for the sake of those without reliable electricity. The boat also delivered books patrons had requested through Alaska State Library’s books-by-mail program.  The floating library primarily visited isolated logging and fishing towns, including Hanus Bay, Five Finger Lighthouse, and Meyer’s Chuck.

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7 Responses to The Floating Library of Southeast Alaska

  1. sfunk2013 says:

    I love this picture of the Anna Jackman being used as a floating library. The boat is special to me because my uncle lived on the boat in the 1960s as a Presbyterian minister.

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