The Bookmobile Heads South; Greenville South Carolina

     The first bookmobile to run south of Maryland was the Pathfinder of Greenville, South Carolina, though strictly speaking it operated just outside city limits. The Greenville Public Library had been founded in 1921 but was limited to city residents. This barred the workers living in the cotton mill towns located in the city’s outskirts from using the library. Seeking to fill this void, library board chairman and local philanthropist Thomas F. Parker bought and furnished “The Pathfinder”, a bookmobile soley for the cotton mill workers and their children. It stopped at the schools built by the mills for the sake of workers’ children, and at the cotton mills themselves. In the latter case the Pathfinder visited during shift changes and lunch breaks. It was popular enough to justify a second bookmobile being purchased a year later.

PathfindercroppedThe “Pathfinder” of Greenville.



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