More Indiana Bookmobiles; Logansport


In 1918 the board of the Logansport Public Library agreed to serve towns in surrounding Cass County and officially became the Logansport-Cass County Library, opening its doors to 12 townships. In September of 1919 Cass County purchased a Ford ½ ton truck capable of carrying 250 books that would be headquartered in Logansport. At first, librarian Jessie Logan drove the Cass County Book Wagon exclusively to 32 rural schools and 8 villages. Since the truck couldn’t carry enough books for all of the pupils it served, a few children selected for the rest, and being on the “library committee” was a jealously sought-after responsibility. In 1921 the service was expanded to serve individual farm houses. The Library established six house-to-house routes altogether, hitting each house every six weeks. The mostly agricultural patrons greatly used and appreciated the outreach. At one house the family stocked up on books by piling them into a washtub, knowing that the truck wouldn’t be back for a month and a half. The librarians often stopped at private homes to find them surrounded by local children, turning these residences into informal stops for the entire area. So great was the demand that increasingly larger vehicles came out of Logansport Public Library for the next forty years, the last being a 2800 volume Gerstenslager in 1963.

“History of the Logansport Cass County Library, 1918-1966.” Holden, Edna M., County Librarian. Self-published tome, 1966.

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