The Big Rig Bookmobile


John C. Gervase has always been passionate about trucks and helping humanity. For years he had used his skills as a trucker to assist organizations such as Feeding America and the Northern Illinois Food Bank. Research taught him there was a direct link between poverty and education, a gap he decided to fill. After procuring over 1,500 books through a bookdrive sponsored by his church, he needed a way to distribute them. He was able to purchase a trailer from St. Louis, which they generously sold him for half the asking price. Big Rig Books was born.

Big Rig Books now routinely stops at schools, handing out books for free. The work is taxing but rewarding. As John himself says on his site, “I look forward to each and every day with joy and pleasure.”

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One Response to The Big Rig Bookmobile

  1. David Nilsen says:

    I love this ! So cool. I’m a librarian, and I so wish our library still had its bookmobile!

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