Visiting the World’s Oldest Bookmobile

Last Monday was a great day for me, because I got to see what probably is the oldest continuously running bookmobile in the country, if not the world, the 1973 Gerstenslager of Waukegan Public Library. The driver, Joseph Kalinowski, has been driving the “Dinomobile” for 35 years. If his isn’t the longest still-running career of a bookmobile driver, it’s got to be close. The machine is so old as to have features you don’t see on many trucks anymore. These include roll up windows, an all-metal dash, wheels behind the driver. The truck also relies on hookups for power. The Dinomobile is a roving museum, a piece of history, the world’s last Gerstenslager!

IMG_0504 IMG_0501 IMG_0493 IMG_0490 IMG_0480

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